Catawba Falls

Independent Baptist Church

Welcome to our photo gallery page. We wanted to use this page to showcase some photos of our church and how it has evolved over the last few years.
Welcome to Catawba Falls Baptist Church
A little background for the next slideshow. Our church did not always look like it does today.  The first few photos shows the original structure minus the metal roofing. In 2007 the Lord decided to send a wind storm our way and the storm lifted the metal roof off of the shed area where we would have our homecomings and such.  We had originally planned to simply build a bigger “pole shed”.  The insurance gave us a good settlement of $5,700 to cover the damage.  We are able to give $700 to a Children’s Home for the tithes and took the remaining amount and began building.  We got a good deal on some imperfect block and another good deal here and there.  Before we knew it we had an enclosed building.  When the building inspector came by he said, “You put in for a pole shed permit. What are you building?”  We put our heads together and said, “Let’s build a multipurpose room or a fellowship hall.  But it would be a shame for the fellowship hall to be larger than the sanctuary…”  So we regrouped, redrew our plans, and this is what we came up with!  God has blessed the decision.  Since then we tore out the back wall behind the pulpit and added a nice choir loft.  The amazing part is that the Lord has sent people to us that has been able to do everything from the building to the grading work; the laying of the tile and even the upholstery work on the choir pews.  We are very happy and proud of our new addition to our church.

Here is the evolution of our new sanctuary from start to finish: