Catawba Falls

Independent Baptist Church


In Loving Memory

This page is dedicated to those who have gone to be with the Lord, but remain here in our hearts. They may be gone from this world but they are not forgotten.


Preacher James Mason

Sept. 16, 1944 - July 26, 2004

 Preacher James Mason came to Catawba Falls Baptist Church when I took the church in 2000. I had known Bro. James for years as I had worked with him at Drexel Heritage. Bro. James lived as he preached, by the Book. Brother James left the church to pastor Cain Creek Baptist Church for a couple of years. During the time he was gone, Brother Talmadge Green came to be with us. Brother James came back with us after Cain Creek because of sickness. During the rest of Bro. James time here on earth he served as our associate pastor. What a friend him and sister Becky was and is to our church. He told me one time “Brother Phillip, a man who want preach right, I don’t want his feet stuck under my table”. I say Amen.

Preacher Talmadge Green

Birth Date Unknown - Passed Away January 2004

Preacher Talmadge Green Came to Catawba Falls Baptist Church one Sunday morning to visit. He was 93 or 94 at the time, and sick with cancer. The Lord spoke to my heart and said ask him to preach. So we did and you could see the fire burning in him to preach the gospel. Brother Green stayed with us around a year and a half, and what a blessing and great friend he was to me, my wife, and church. When Brother Green left to go to the retirement center in Greensboro the church asked him to be our mission program and be our missionary in the retirement center. He agreed and we gave him a little salary till he went home to be with the Lord.

Preacher Joe Eller

May 27, 1924 - Jan. 18, 2009
Preacher Joe Eller came to Catawba falls Baptist Church a few months after Brother James Mason died. Brother Joe showed up one Sunday morning, he couldn't see good, couldn’t hear good, and couldn't walk good. But his love for God was good and his love for preaching was good. He was around 81 or 82 years old. As with Preacher Green the fire to preach was great. Brother Joe was a singing preacher (I mean he loved to sing). I asked him to sing and the Lord said asked him to preach. Well brother Joe stayed with us until he went on home to be with the Lord. He also served as our associate pastor. What a blessing he was to me, my wife, and the church. I would say Brother Joe do you want to sing? And he would say “whatever my pastor wants, if my pastor wants me to sing, I'll sing”. And he was always ready to preach.
Preacher Joe Singing Glorified Body

These three men whom we are writing a little about are men whom God has sent my way to be a blessing to me, my wife, and the church. We grew to love them and their families. I miss them very much and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. We have been in some good services down here but the best is yet to come. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me. Catawba Falls Baptist Church, thank you for being so kind and generous to some of God's older servants and for making their last days here on earth good days.