Catawba Falls

Independent Baptist Church


 Our church has been blessed by the Lord. Because of this we are able to help other associations and organizations by supporting them through our ministry.  Below you will find a list of all the missionaries we support. The names that are listed in bold contain a link for you to use to visit their website.

Ebenezer Christian Childrens Home Old Fort Project


Rock of Ages Ministries

Rick Hurley

Roger Herndon

Marvin Hollifield

Steve Horton

Ronnie McKinney

Walter Terrell


Prison and Jail Ministries


Todd Mckeenan

Jason Kersh


Vision Baptist

Kanon Bloom

Miguel Sanabria

Ty Pepperdine

Kason Bloom

Brady VanWinkle

Joshua Ewing

Courtney Mathos

Chase and Ashley Southard


Spanish Missions

Joel Silos


Collegians for Christ

Kyle Austin


Pilgrams Pathway House of Refuge


Alternative to Abortion

McDowell Pregnancy Care Center

Sword and Shield Ministry

Kevin and Sheila Hobson


James Allen= Brazil


Manny Almalvez


Dean Crane

Kenneth Seremak


Foothill Baptist Bible College


Crossroads Rescue Mission


Charles Dyuck= Rest home


Dale Cable= Cuba


Anchor Baptist Missions


Duain Whittemore

Michael Staley= Military

Deaf Ministry

John olson

Anna Gilkey

Maria Podereski


Sara Fisher

 Christopher Walters

Bill Conrad= School Ministry



Morris Sherlin

Richard Smith

Luther Spivey