Catawba Falls

Independent Baptist Church

Below you will find some  information concerning a mission that was very dear to the heart of our pastor and soon grew to fill the hearts of the members as well.


First, a short history lesson about how this project came to be…

The Catawba Falls Baptist Church School for Girls is a mission project of our church. We are hoping to provide a place for those children who sometimes do not have a safe place to live. The home would be a boarding school for girls. Each child would be provided food, clothing, shelter, and education. There will be constant supervision by qualified personnel.  Our pastor Phillip Wishon Sr. has also been in the prison ministry and has in the past been asked by some imprisoned if he knew of a place where their children could safely stay during their time in prison. This became a great concern to the pastor because he did not know of a place. He mentioned his burden to the church members and it then became a project of the church.  On July 24, 2001 the men of Catawba Falls Baptist Church met with Pastor Phillip Wishon to discuss the possibility of organizing and operating some type of children's home. Pastor Wishon explained his burden to the men, and after an extended discussion the pastor stated that if this is God's will for the church that he would provide the land for the project without the church going into debt. After more discussion and prayer everyone agreed to let this become the test. If the money was to be provided for the land, the church would commit to the project, if not we would conclude that it was not God's will for the church and give what money we collected to Refuge city children's home in Rockwell NC,(one of our missions) and drop the project.  At the second meeting on July 31, 2001 the men agreed to look at a piece of property that was believed to belong to Mr. Stewart Robinson. This property was involved in a dispute between property owners who refused to give Mr. Robinson a right-of-way into it. Permission was obtained to look at the property and the church agreed to meet for that purpose. On August 7, 2001 the men toured approximately 16 acres believed to be owned by Mr. Stewart Robinson and determined that it would be ideal for the children's home as well as several other projects that the church might undertake later. The men knelt in prayer on the property asking God to provide this land if it was his will for the church to continue with the children's home. Pastor Wishon stated that since there was a dispute with joining property owners and no clear right-of-way into the property we should not go over $20,000 for it. The men all agreed.
  A meeting with Mr. Robinson was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 13, 2001. At the meeting Robinson stated that he could not let the property go for less than $80,000.  After Mr. Robinson left it was brought to the church's attention that one of the members, Mrs. Wilhemina Nail owned property in that same area and had offered to sell some of it to the church if the deal fell through with Mr. Robinson. Her brother Mr. Billy Brown, also a member and present for the meeting with Mr. Robinson agreed to show the men her property and stated that she would take $2000 per acre for it. This would allow the church to purchase 10 acres at the target price of $20,000.
  On August 16, 2001 the men met with Brother Billy Brown to look at the property. At this time we discovered that the property we thought belonged to Mr. Stewart Robinson actually belonged to Mrs. Nail and was in fact the same property she was offering to the church.
  After the tour the Pastor and Deacon met with Mrs. Nail who agreed to accept a $1000 retainer and give the church six months starting October 1 running through April 1, 2002 to raise the remainder of the $20,000 for 10 acres. An agreement was drawn up and signed. The project officially began October 1, 2001.   Due to generous donations from churches and others concerned, plus pledges from our own church members (around $14,000), we reached that goal through the help of the Lord, on December 1, 2001. We now know that is God's will that we continue. We have spent around $100,000 on grading, putting in a bridge, and improving the road.  Since then we have put power, a well, and  septic system in.  We also put a trust in place so that if the project ever ceases to go forward the property is to be sold and the money gained is to be donated to another children's cause.
We are now trying to raise funds to help build the school. We know God will bless you, if you give toward this worthy cause. We also ask that you keep us in your prayers.  Should you feel inclined to help with this project, you can click on the donate button below.  Thanks to everyone for their financial and spiritual support!

For more updated Info. go to Copied School for Girls
If you prefer to send a check directly to Ebenezer Christian Children's Home 
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Should you have any questions about our project you can contact Pastor Phillip Wishon, Sr at 828-925-1296
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