Catawba Falls

Independent Baptist Church

 Phillip J. Wishon Sr

I have been pastor of Catawba Falls Baptist Church since June of 2000. As a child I was raised by my grandparents the Rev. Nelson and Tracy Caudle. As a young man I accepted Christ as my Savior kneeling beside old iron bed, between my grandparents I called upon a holy God and I was saved. I became perfect in eyes of a holy God through the blood of his darling son. But as a young man I had a lot of growing and learning to do. Satan used my family situation to try and harden my heart. I started to get into trouble and my life as a whole was out of control. I was 12 years old when my grandpa died. I then felt as if everyone was giving up on me (that was an awful feeling). Thank God everyone wasn't giving up on me. My grandmother reached out into nothing and grabbed a handful of faith and hope. She prayed to a holy God and he showed her the Boy’s Home of Lake Waccamaw, NC. I spent the next five years there (1967 -- 1972). While there I received the help I needed. In December of 1975 I married Luella Price, the daughter of a Baptist minister, the late Rev. John Price and Asalee Price. In 1976 at a little church in Black Mountain, I totally surrendered and dedicated my life to my Lord Jesus Christ. God has blessed Luella and I with two wonderful children. Angela and Phillip Jr. We also have a good son-in-law and a great daughter-in-law. Three very special grandchildren, Alissa, Nathaniel and Penelope. In 1976 I was ordained as a deacon, licensed to preach on December 7, 1997, and ordained as a minister on October 24, 1999. As the song says: I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now. I have the best church family in the world. God used a bad situation at the beginning of my life to bring me and Catawba Falls Baptist Church to where we are today.



 Luella Wishon

I am the youngest of six children. I am the daughter of the late John and Asalee Price of Black Mountain North Carolina. During my very young years, my daddy was a lost and very hard man. My mom took the three of us younger children (the older three were no longer at home) and walked us to the church that was about 1 1/2 miles from our home. My daddy was highly against her taking us to church. As time went on, one day the pastor of the church came to visit daddy and invite him to church. The preacher also brought some books for us. Daddy got very angry and made the preacher back all the way from our house to the main road, we lived on a long one lane dirt road. Daddy came into the house took our books about Jesus and burned them in the wood heater. Daddy hated God so much, and I really didn't understand. I somehow managed to hide one of the small books entitled "The Beloved Son". This book was a treasure to me, and I kept it hid from daddy. If he had found it I would have been in big trouble! Somehow after this incident, daddy would take us to church and let us out (my mom could not drive) and come back for us. Then a long time after daddy had took us to church, one Sunday morning I saw him come in to the church for preaching. I remember at the altar call, daddy went, and he was crying, my daddy got saved! He was the first person I had really saw what a change God can make in a person's life. He then was a gentle and loving man and I became very close to him. All of this had a role in my being saved. In August 1968, the church we attended had homecoming and no services so daddy and I visited another church and at the age of 13 the Holy Spirit was dealing with my heart and it was getting late but I need to be saved. So I made my way to that old black mourner’s bench and Jesus gloriously saved me! So all of God's working in my daddy's life, was in his plan for me. Then several years later I met my husband and he like my daddy needed Jesus in his life. While we were dating he would take me to church and come back after me, then one Saturday evening we went to revival together and Phillip, my husband now, gave his life over to Jesus! God has blessed me with a Christian husband and also called him to preach and Pastor Catawba Falls Baptist Church. He has blessed us with two wonderful children, Angie and Phillip Jr. And three very precious grandchildren, Alissa, Nathaniel, and Penelope. The best is yet to come when I get to see Jesus in heaven someday! God is good!